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 Auto DJ MP3 Broadcaster Key

Do you want your SHOUTcast v2 radio to stream with MP3 codec?

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It is now possible with RadioShout! to buy MP3 Broadcasting Keys for Centova Cast or Cast Control. If you plan to stream on Centova Cast V3 servers using the mp3 format you will need to purchase the MP3 Broadcasting Key first. The steps below will show you where to enter your MP3 License within the Centova Cast V3 software. If you do not want to pay this fee you can either broadcast using AAC+ or request to be switched to one of our ShoutCast version 1.9.8 software and do not require the MP3 license.

6.50/one time fee

Once you are logged into your new Centova Cast V3 (CC3) account you will want to search for Settings.
This is located in the Configuration area. Click on settings and look for the AutoDJ tab in the middle of your screen.
Once you click on the AutoDJ tab you will see MP3 unlock name and MP3 unlock Code. This is where you will enter that information.

On the same screen you will notice the Unlock code details... available In your service email from us.
Input your Unlock name and Unlock Code on the 2 boxes.

If you hover over the little i icon a window pops up explaining the whole MP3 License process.
Once you have purchased your MP3 License go back and enter that information into your MP3 unlock name and MP3 unlock code area.
Be sure to press UPDATE button.

Now that your MP3 unlock information is entered you will want to change your mount point audio encoder to MP3.
You will click on Settings in the Configuration area (left side). Then click on the Mount Points tab.
You will now see the /stream mount point. If you have more then one mount point choose the mount point(s) that you want running off MP3.
Double click on /stream. You should now see the Audio encoder option.
Switch that to MP3 and press the UPDATE button. Now this was a major update so you will want to do a full server restart after you press the update button.
This will refresh the server with the new settings. 

6.50/one time fee